This method “one on one” is really efficient because you have all the attention of your personal teacher.


How does it work?


Spanish Classes: On Skype

Schedule: You make your own schedule

In Class: Exercises and verbal correction

Oral Test: During the class

Written Test: Optional



What do I need?


Nothing, we provide you digital material at each lesson.




Activities During the Class


To teach in the best possible way, we use a wide range of activities that we prepare specifically for you.


• Listen and Speak:

During the class, there are activities to improve your listening comprehension. At the end of each activity, you will explain what you understood in order to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.


• Read and Speak:

There are also activities to improve your reading skills where you will have to analyze and explain verbally what you understood from the texts.


• Vocabulary:

At the end of each class, you will get a list of the new words you learned in order for you to recapitulate. You are then going to increase your vocabulary for your next conversation.